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iTT Wall mounted Telephone (374785103969)
ITT Telecommunications Type 10 A Dial for trimline telephone NOS (195842128276)
New Old Stock - Trim Line Telephone Phone Ringer TT or Rotary Dial, ITT #148-ABA (225886021423)
Vintage Retro Mid-Century Mod Push Button ITT Orange Desk Top Phone Untested (386135551074)
NOS 1971 ITT Beige Electric Rotary Telephone Dial 30G 500 (225885848530)
Vintage ITT Rotary Desk Dial Telephone Cream/Beige/Almond See Description (225481029853)
NOS Vintage phone RINGER ITT 152 HA3 20 (126107351698)
NOS Vintage phone RINGER ITT 152 HA2 50 (166345640492)
ITT phone made in Italy- black and white (196022222010)
Vintage Harvest Gold Yellow ITT Push Button Desk Phone (314608432331)
Vintage ITT Rotary Dial Up Desktop Telephone Brown. Not tested (354872835333)
Vtg Telephone Touch Tone Push Button Dial works great USA Made Vtg Beige 80s (285394382102)
Vintage 1970’s ITT Rotary Dial Desk Peach Telephone Untested (325781132851)
ITT Rotary Phone Receiver Handset , With a coiled cord, Parts! (296070314721)
R•Vintage 1980s Red ITT Wall Mount Push Button Telephone Hearing-Aid Compatible (305120242494)
NOS 1971 ITT Beige Electric Rotary Telephone Dial 30G 500 (325801034828)
NOS 1969 ITT White Electric Rotary Telephone Dial 30G 500 (325833235949)
ITT Push Button Trendline Touch Tone Telephone VINTAGE 1980s NOS (386365755120)
1987 Commemorative Edition Battle of Shiloh ITT Made in Corinth, MS (145490101214)
Vintage 1989 ITT Rotary Dial Desk Telephone Manila Beige Color Retro (186079486039)
Vintage Brown ITT Push Button Desk Telephone (225901122966)
Vintage 1982 ITT ARRIVA One Piece Desktop Telephone No. PC1400 Cocoa Brown Rare (115975904297)
Vintage ITT C/D 500 Series CHOCOLATE BROWN Rotary Dial Desk Table Top Telephone (256336391729)
Vintage ITT 500 Style Cream Ivory Rotary Desk Office Phone Works! #2 (166337568736)
ITT Beige Telephone Receiver Vintage 1984 (145125880082)
Vintage ITT Trendline Wall Or Desk Telephone Model 8225 (166466986746)
Vintage ITT Telecommunications Golden-Tone Ringer NOS in Box w/ Paperwork (134797754645)
Vintage ITT Trimline Rotray Phone (204504781042)
Vintage 1970's ITT Avocado Green Commercial Desk Office 5 Line Button (186184333826)
ITT Touch Tone Phone Vintage Beige Tested and Works Cords Included (175976969020)
Bell Systems Cream touchtone Trimline Vintage Telephone Retro Mid-Century ITT (404587637042)
NOS ITT Trendline Rotary Dial Phone Brown Model 225445-QBA-20M 062322WBAN (384982295234)
Vintage ITT Rotary Dial Black Telephone - Untested (285586783031)
Vintage ITT 2500 Telephone Push Button Beige landline Bell System (296101732396)
Vintage ITT Push Button Phone 8225 Beige (276023257031)
Vintage 1970's ITT Tan Rotary Dial Desk Telephone / Phone (256257743953)
Vintage ITT Rotary Dial Desk Telephone Ivory (385652534794)
Vintage 1985 Desk Phone – ITT Push Button Dial Phone Beige - Untested (176033358112)
1975 ITT Wall Hanging Beige Rotary Intercom Phone (225770008980)
Vintage Stromberg Carlson Bell ITT Rotary Dial Telephone Phone Pink Cream 1970’s (115842755944)
Vintage ITT White Rotary Desk Phone ,No Ringer-Dial does rotate, Untested 1970's (145463232969)
ITT Mustard Yellow Gold Rotary Dial Desk Telephone Untested (364515009475)
Vintage ITT Rotary Dial 500 Beige Desk Telephone Tested And Works Perfectly (155448797654)
Vintage ITT Telephone Push Button Desk Phone Tan/Ash + Box & Instructions 250044 (334878395752)
VINTAGE ITT Golden-Tone Ringer Telephone Replacement Bell Part 130-OBA NIB (116006384681)
Vintage Desk Telephone ITT Push Button Touch-Tone Beige Tan Corded - Untested (225902071537)
NOS Vintage TRIMLINE Rotary Dial Telephone Beige - ITT, Untested, No Cord (235236987187)
ITT Push Button Desk Telephone (374847230076)
Vintage ITT Black Rotary Telephone (204457137924)
Vintage ITT 500 Desk Top Rotary Telephone Beige Tan Dial Phone Tested (145122485865)
Vintage Bell System ITT Black Rotary Dial Desk Telephone Hardwired Base/Receiver (134809334904)
Off White / cream Rotary Dial Desk Phone ITT , Vintage, Retro, MCM, Untested (235246669071)
Vintage Trimline Rotary Dial Desk Phone ITT Beige Made In Spain WORKS (126227927398)
Vintage ITT Tan Cream Rotary Dial Phone Telephone (204574292281)
ITT Black Corded Rotary Dial Desk Vintage Telephone Untested (235248267866)
Vintage ITT Brown Desk Top Rotary Dial Phone Telephone Chocolate (305288202427)
Vintage ITT Model 2022 Citation Series Wall Desk Phone Telephone Almond Beige (165902027477)
ITT Black Rotary Dial Desk Telephone Vintage With Gold Tone Accent Handle Attach (115957706909)
Vintage Rotary Phone Telephone Office Desk Pink/Beige ITT (296090258647)
Vintage Phone Intercom Substation Office telephone exchange 12 switches (275760060218)
Vintage ITT Rotary Dial Wall Phone Model 554 Beige - Untested (134824270743)
VTG 1980's ITT Brown Push Button Touch Tone Desktop Telephone (304965737905)
Vintage 1980's ITT Ultra80 Telephone Model 1501 Cocoa Brown (New Old Stock) (386384935735)
RED ITT Vintage Push Button Desk Corded Telephone UNTESTED (325824713516)
Vintage ITT Black Desk Top Rotary Dial Telephone Model 500 (176021665587)
Vintage Semicon ITT French Victorian Petite Telephone (265568825836)
Vintage 1970s ITT Rotary Dial Trimline Telephone Rare Bright Orange (266420131784)
Vintage novelty wood ITT brown Trimline push button phone Lippincott Industries (204320451359)
Vintage ITT Desk Top Beige Pink Rotary Dial Telephone Prop UNTESTED (315005284634)
VTG ITT WESTERN ELECTRIC GREEN Avocado ROTARY Dial Desk Telephone Phone 500 USA (115963046914)
Vintage 1970s or 80s ITT Retro Rare White  Rotary Dial Desk Telephone   (296085892562)
Vintage ITT Rotary Dial Desk Telephone Manila Color PC500 (355073639766)
Vintage Stromberg Corlson 80s Moss Green #500 ITT Rotary Desk Phone (134731970508)
Vintage ITT 5 Line Push Button Lot Untested No Handsets Included (394954393691)
Vintage Aqua Blue ITT 3554 Push Button Wall Phone (145488509287)
Vintage ITT Retro Rare White  Off White Rotary Dial Desk Telephone Lot A (325703433266)
Vintage Teal Blue Turquoise Rotary Dial Telephone MCM ITT Phone Retro Pre Owned (155693257741)
Vintage ITT own-a-phone brown rotary phone home decor 80s Telephone Landline (314462930318)
Vintage ITT Rotary Desk Phone Ivory/ Works W Instructions! (126229225444)
Lot of 19, Telephone plastic housings for 2500 single line sets ITT, Cortelco (364622637303)
Vintage ITT Red Rotary Dial Desktop Telephone Phone Cord Hardwired (176091951241)
Night Vision Objective Lens for ITT Night Mariner Night Quest NM NQ 250 260 NEW (225908438470)
Vintage ITT Yellow 500 Series Rotary Telephone Desktop Tested Working (225837006105)
ITT 5 Line Pushputton telephone PC 2568 beige (155932222421)
Vintage ITT Own-A-Phone Petite Princess French Style Rotary Telephone (126230441259)
Lot of 14, Telephone Ringers from 2500 & 2554 ITT (364623995727)
Lot of 10, Vintage Telephone Ringers from 2500 sets ITT, Western Electric (364622642243)
Vintage ITT Rotary Desk Phone Red with Handset Volume UNTESTED (134810461413)
Vintage ITT Rotary Desk Telephone Original Box Chocolate Brown Beautiful Works (204549189777)
ITT 2500 Telephone Handsets , Transmitters, Receivers , & receiver cups (364624005553)
NEW OLD STOCK ITT Desk Telephone Rotary Dial 50213-BA-30M BEIGE 6-83 1983 (334841059574)
Vintage ITT Red Rotary Dial Desktop Telephone Phone MCM working (166472195552)
ITT Telephone VTG Rotary Dial Desk Orange Complete Works Retro Groovy MCM 70s (166490394645)
Vintage 1979 ITT Model Series ORANGE Rotary Wall Mount Telephone (266381002877)
NOS ITT TT Wall Phone. Same as Western Electric 3554. Teal / Mediterranean BLUE (265655335348)
ITT SESA Coin Telephone NOS "PAYPHONE OF AMERICA"...cs (305296334471)

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